Perfection is not reality it is a load of crap

Perfection Doesn’t Exist

This post is not about food and will not have a recipe. I have an issue that I would like to discuss regarding the current state of the internet.

I’m done with perfection. I’m over seeing the picture perfect, pinterest ready, Instagram framed, perfections that we are supposed to believe is reality.

Now, I’m a blogger. I need good photography and some pretty pictures on the food I’m talking about on my blog. Is that how I cook every single day, heck no. There are some days where I barely have time to think about what we are going to have for dinner until I only have 15 minutes before it needs to be done. There are some nights we just eat soup out of a can (that’s hopefully organic and not a complete sodium bomb devoid of all nutrition). This is why I try to keep stuff in the house that’s as high quality as possible as our go to last minute throw in the microwave kind of stuff, for when we have been slammed all day and just need something to quickly stuff in our faces because we are starving. Please don’t think I’m perfect because I post pretty pictures of food. I’ve actually struggled my whole life with allowing myself to be imperfect and not beating myself up about it.

The point is that no one, I mean NO ONE, is ever perfect, or even well put together, ALL THE TIME. Sometimes the pretty food picture I post on my blog doesn’t include the tornado, hurricane, mess of a kitchen surrounding me (the spot where the plate went was the place I pushed everything aside and wiped down, you know like this one). The well crafted writing doesn’t encapsulate that I might have spent hours writing a few paragraphs and I may have cried in the process. The amazing picture that captured your child looking up lovingly at you and smiling does not encompass the tantrum of 15 minutes prior because you said he couldn’t have a 2nd candy or a 3rd applesauce (and then felt guilty about saying no because you’ve been on the computer writing all day today and all he wants is your undivided attention). The smiling selfie that showcases your on point eye makeup and on fleek hair that day does not tell the tale of your pain, the pain that’s hiding just below the surface. Maybe that day is the first day in a month where you actually had time to do your makeup and hair because everyone else comes first most of the time (the other days you barely got your hair up in a ponytail and out of pajama pants).

Perfection, point blank, is impossible, doesn’t exist, not possible.

Life is hard! Between balancing schedules, trying to keep money in the bank, keeping food in the house, raising kids, and grasping onto the few moments of alone romantic time you and your partner may get a week, it’s crazy and exhausting. I wish we showcased reality more.

We all have pain. We are all cracked in some way. None of us have the perfect smooth shell of an unbroken egg. If you looked past the surface I think a lot of us would look like ginger, all knotted and varied in shape and size, some parts twisted and gnarly, others bulbous, a little rough around the edges. But inside, instead of the weak gelatinous egg we are the strong, fibrous, resilient and delicious ginger root, adding that little bit of “yum what is that” into other people’s lives.

Wake up each day, look around, and be grateful (for the mess, for the schedule, for everything). Cherish that you threw a snack in your purse on the way out the door. Cherish the lesson you learned if you didn’t. These first world problems of our first world life are amazing problems to have. The lack of perfection in your life means you’re truly living. If you think someone has the magazine house that’s the picture of perfection, I guarantee that 10 minutes before you walked in the door they were rushing around cleaning up. Stop comparing yourself to other people.

The point is….they are struggling too. No one can achieve perfection. Everyone is trying to do the best they can. Harness that.

Share your best with someone today even if that means showing them your struggle, showing your IM-perfection. It may be just what they needed. Share some truth today with the people around you, post an honest picture on Instagram about what is happening right now (cherish the fact that your hair isn’t perfect and you can begin to see the lines around your eyes and that you have no idea what you’re going to eat later). Let’s throw a hashtag on it #RockingMyReality and tag me in it @ColleenCooksIt.

Heck, share it in the comments so that we all have an opportunity to realize that we are all in the same boat. Share this post so more people can get in on the action. It’s ok that there are a couple dishes in the sink, some clothes you forgot to fold in the dryer (or maybe that you’re washing the same load of laundry for the 3rd time because you keep forgetting to put it in the dryer, and it’s ok that you’re not perfection. Pat yourself on the back for what you did accomplish today. Even if for you, just getting out of bed is a tremendous achievement. Congratulations! Believe me I’ve been there. Celebrate yourself! Everyday.

Perfection is Not Reality #RockingMyReality

Perfection is Not Reality #RockingMyReality

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